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Profile Important facts about the property
Location About the surroundings of the house
Why in The Marches? Further advantages
Ristrutturazione What 'ristrutturazione' means and why it's a lot more than a renovation or restoration, plus the striking difference between 'before' and 'after'
The house Exterior and interior views
The annex Views of the interior and the pool
The garden About 1 acre of low maintenance garden or a sphere of activity for the green fingered amongst us
Floor plans If you want to start moving your furniture...
The house and us Why we put the house on offer at all
Contact If you have any questions please contact us via mail@a-house-in-italy.net
Please note: A small number of images can be downloaded in high resolution format - just click. With the exception of the pictures on the page 'ristrutturazione' all photographs represent the actual state of the house and garden, whereas the manifold possibilities of 'Photoshop' have not been used. All except one have been taken using a lens with a 90° horizontal viewing angle. To achieve a realistic rendition you should therefore also view these images under a 90° angle. For example, with an image 50 cm wide the viewing distance should be 25 cm...... Perhaps you best view those photos kneeling in front of your new 65" UHD TV screen.