garden view
The garden

The biggest part of the plot is fenced and laid down as a garden. The green spaces are surrendering to clover which grows according to plan covering all the parts that have been allocated....
This is the version if you want to use the property for holidays (your own or let) or for somebody belonging to the species of homo sapiens who likes it green without much effort. In case you want the property to be your permanent home (straight away or later) and/or you feel that 'leisure' and 'gardening' are no contradiction, there are innumerable possibilities to put your own stamp on it. Incidentally, clover flowers frequently without causing any further fuss......

Furthermore, there are a shady Acacia grove and three age-old olive trees which will provide exquisite oil if required.

Cars will enjoy a double carport that is tiled (as is the floor of the wooden shed) giving you the added bonus of bigger parties and room for several tables and benches. Meanwhile the cars have to make
do with the gravel of the driveway or in front of the gate.

driveway at night