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The house and us

Now that you know that this is the best house in the best place - why should we want to sell?

We have been living in this house for some time now, enjoying every minute. However, originally we had chosen a different property in the same municipality but had lots of trouble getting planning permission. After two years we were so despaired that we abandoned our plans. Instead, we decided to turn over a new leaf and bought this house to live in. This time, we did receive the necessary permits (different bailiwick) and prepared it as our new home. But - surprise, surprise - we then suddenly received building permission for our original project and will be able to move house within the next six to nine months (this shouldn't stop you from kicking us out earlier).
For the future owner this solution has the advantage that he obtains a brand new home that was 'built to last' and is already bone-dry. All in all the best moment to buy!

Talking about solutions: if you should have any ideas about remodelling the house or garden (we cannot foresee any desire), but shrink back from undertaking that project yourself because you don't have the time, 'don't live locally', hate bureaucracy or have an incurable craftsmen allergy - maybe we can help you to supervise the work or to acquire necessary permits etc. We have already included one or two little changes (if wanted) in the existing building permission.

We hope you enjoyed our site and want to know more - just write to .