view from the pool
view from the pool
Why in The Marches?

Apart from being in Italy:

1. More than anywhere else you'll find people who will welcome you with open arms (as long as you don't step on their feet more than necessary) and you will find them exceptionally obliging without being indiscreet.

2. More than anywhere else the landscape has been unscathed (you'll find hardly any eye-sores) and spared by mass tourism. All you see is a picture-book, quiet and peaceful landscape. Nevertheless, it is never far away from the next small town. The infastructure is excellent.

3. The climate is most enjoyable. Hot summers are more bearable because of low humidity as are the winters - you'll scarcely find a day with permanent frost. All in all, the weather conditions are steady.

4. That the situation in this region is stable and in a good way different to the rest of Italy is due to the 'Marchigiani', a very special breed of people. For instance, there are a lot of different craftsmen (leather, wrought iron, jewelry - you name it) working in their own one-man business who are flexible, resourceful and hard working. These people often cultivate their own fields after work and on weekends, but in spite of this they are happy and always cheerful. They simply are proud of their region and its traditions.

5. More than anywhere else you'll find authentic Italian cuisine in The Marches. The dishes are simple, sometimes hearty, but always freshly cooked using first class ingredients, never over-decorated but always very, very tasty, and in addition to that exceptionally good priced. Regional specialities are dishes based on porcini mushrooms and black truffles, and as for wines the white Verdicchio from Matelica or Jesi which is of more than regional significance.

    porcini mushrooms